'Hand reflexology, foot reflexology, ear reflexology: news headlines!'


JANUARI 14: Karaj, Iran:
Iranian Studies Report: 'Reflexology provides pain relief for pregnant women'!

STUDY TITLED: 'Effect of foot reflexology on pain intensity and duration of labor on primiparous':
Severity of labor pain before and immediately after intervention foot reflexology did not vary between case and control groups. But half, one and two hours after it, severity of labor pain in the intervention group was lower than the control group. Duration of labor in the intervention group significantly was lower than the control group. The researchers conclude that reflexology can lead to decrease in labor pain as well as duration of labor. Therefore, we can use this non-invasive technique to decrease the labor pain and encourage mothers to normal vaginal delivery that is one of the aims of midwifery.

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  • JUNE 2011:

    JUNE 8: Samcheok, Korea:

    Korean Study Reports: 'Self-Foot Reflexology can Reduce Stress & Fatigue'!

    STUDY TITLED: 'Effects of Self-Foot Reflexology on Stress, Fatigue, Skin Temperature and Immune Response in Female Undergraduate Students':
    The results showed that self-foot reflexology was effective in reducing perceived stress and fatigue, and raised skin temperature in female undergraduate students. But cortisol levels and immune response were not statistically significant different.

    JUNE 1: Portsmouth, UK:
    UK STUDY REPORTS: 'Manually applied Reflexology Increases Pain Treshold & Tolerance'!

    PORTSMOUTH, 2011 - An investigation into the efficacy of reflexology on acute pain in healthy human subjects:
    A PhD thesis at the University of Portsmouth has revealed that manually applied reflexology can increases both pain treshold and pain tolerance in healthy volunteer subjects!

    FEBRUARY 2011:


    Patent for a 'hand reflexology glove'!

    On april 6, 1993 the following US patent was submitted:
    "As an improvement to the utility and techniques of hand reflexology, a hand reflexology glove (54) comprised of a pliant plastic material is intended for placement upon a hand (14). A hand reflexology zone morphological map (50) along with a plurality of reflex zone lines (24L, 26, 28, 30 and 32) provide an accurate hand reflexology guidance interface during a reflexology treatment (60) being performed by a hand (34). Reflexology glove (54) directly overlays actual organ and bodily function reflex receptor zone points naturally occurring in hand (14), allowing an individual to instantly and accurately access any hand reflex receptor zone of interest."


    MAY 2009:

    MAY 17: Sun Journal:

    Hand reflexology: a headache-break hand massage!

    Olivia Rosewood describes how to treat a headache with a hand massage: research indicate that reflexology can do provides relief for headaches & migrane.
    Learn how to give yourself a break from a headache or even just a bit more zip in your doo-da: first, find the most tender spot between your thumb and forefinger. Second, use your other thumb and forefinger to pinch this spot from the top and palm of your hand (see the right picture above), the way you might pinch a penny should there be a world-wide financial crisis. And finally, take a few deep breaths, and release this spot when you have an indication that you have unblocked this energy point: usually your pain subsides.

    MAY 12:
    'Cold hands, warm heart'? - hand temperature basics & new research!

    New research indicates that the old saying 'cold hands, warm heart' may not be true at all: the basics about the temperature of your hands!
    An extended article including: the normal temperature distribution in the human hand, poor circulation in the fingers, and the consequences of Raynaud disease.

    FEBRUARY 2009:

    FEBRUARY 10: Sun Journal:
    The perfect Valentine's Day gift: a hand-massage!

    For many people, Valentine's Day has become a day of massage: giving, getting, asking. Surprize your love with a hand massage - you only need to learn some easy basic hand reflexology techniques.
    But Rekha Von Ehren, a massage therapist at Bellagio Spa in Newport Coast, Calif., provides 10 Valentine's Day hand massage tips. It's all about 'touch'!

    DECEMBER 2008:

    Kunz & Kunz Study Finds Reflexology 93% Effective!

    Reflexology is 93% effective in its application to 78 physical and mental conditions. This finding comes from a year-long analysis of 168 studies from twenty-three countries, presented by Barbara and Kevin Kunz.
    The analysis is the focus of the newly released Evidence-Based Reflexology Series by Barbara Kunz and Kevin Kunz. The key to success with reflexology, as documented by Kunz and Kunz, is the frequency and duration with which it is applied. Evidence-Based Reflexology presents both results and how much technique application has been found to positively impact physical and mental conditions.

    OCTOBER 2008:

    OCTOBER 25:
    Reflexology can bring relief to cancer patients

    Natural reflexes: with a trained therapist, reflexology can bring great relief to cancer patients.
    In the past 10 years or so, reflexology has become one of the most popular complementary therapies used by those suffering from cancer. In the Christie Cancer Care Hospital in Manchester, England, almost half of all patients - both on the wards and at outpatient clinics - opt for reflexology as part of their complementary care to orthodox treatment.

    OCTOBER 16:
    Reflexology today: a family affair

    Washington, D.C. area resident Njideka N. Olatunde in writing "Reflexology Today: A Family Affair," introduces Reflexology techniques each member of a family can use in relieving pain, reducing stress, and relaxing the body.
    The book gives readers who are unfamiliar with this alternative method of healing, a look at how stress is related to chronic illnesses and how Reflexology can be a great way of ridding the body of that stress.

    OCTOBER 15:
    National reflexology week: healing for feet & hands

    National Reflexology Week is a celebration of Reflexology and all the many reflexologists who relieve stress and pain through the power of touching 2 feet and hands at a time.
    October 12 to 18 is National Reflexology Week, National East Coast Coordinator Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde of Washington, DC has organized members of national reflexology organizations in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia to come together for a national celebration in honor of an ancient healing art that is making outstanding contributions in relieving the untold stress many Americans are facing.

    SEPTEMBER 2008:

    Reflexology: health at your fingertips

    If you have never tried reflexology, it is the modality of applying pressure at specific points on the hands and feet which correspond with specific body parts, organs, physical systems, and which provides pain relief, flexibility, natural healing, and relaxation.
    Novices to reflexology should start with this book, or another of Barbara and Kevin Kunz great reflexology books, such as Complete Reflexology for Life, and use the deck of cards as handy reference material. For those who have knowledge and experience with reflexology and the many benefits, but want a means for portable reference, then adding the card deck to your library is perfect.

    Complete reflexology for life

    From reflexology for your baby to reflexology for the elderly, it provides everything you need to know. Published by Dorling Kindersley, this hardback book contains 352 pages, and the subject simply could not be covered in fewer pages.
    Complete Reflexology for Life offers the latest techniques and modalities that are explained in a way that you can actually apply the techniques in your own life easily and with assurance that you are performing the techniques correctly.

    Reflexology could detect more serious problems

    The folks at Perfect Day Spa in Santa Clara, California say reflexology can warn you of more serious problems. There are 104 points on the bottom of your feet that represent specific parts of your body.
    Ray Ruiz gets reflexology once a month. "If you have something going on with a particular organ you'll feel a higher level of sensitivity," he said.

    Reflexology masseurs claim guard against health problems

    Not feeling well? Maybe the answer to what ails you is right at your feet. For centuries the Chinese have claimed to know what's wrong by simply applying pressure to the hands and feet.
    Now a massage technique called reflexology is using similar principles. The folks at Perfect Day Spa in Santa Clara, California say reflexology can warn you of more serious problems. There are 104 points on the bottom of your feet that represent specific parts of your body. It can hurt, especially if you never it done before.

    How reflexology relates to acupressure and massage

    Some people confuse reflexology with massage. 'Touch' is used in both massage and reflexology. But the approache is fundamentally different!
    Reflexology is similar to acupressure in that it works with the body's vital energy through the stimulation of certain points on the body. However, you should be aware that acupressure points do not always coincide with the reflex points used in reflexology!

    The ancient art of reflexology

    Want to optimize your health? Learn how to move the thumb of your right hand across your left palm or find someone who is willing to work on your feet. Even if you don't get it exactly right, it's OK. Reflexology is comforting and relaxing, and the touch is beneficial. Reflexology, an ancient healing method, is based on the premise there are maps to all the major organs of the body on the hands, feet and even the ears.
    Cindy Hayes of Serendipity Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in Stuart said some of her customers come for a massage, then end up being surprised when the therapist works on their feet. Gina Grothe of The Sanctuary in Port St. Lucie said people seeking reflexology treatments most often opt for a treatment on the feet rather than the hands. It's easy to work on your hands yourself, but having someone else work on your feet is a real treat. Janice O'Han of Positive Change in Sebastian, who has worked as a reflexologist for 22 years, said, "(Reflexology is) a wonderful treatment and I include it in every massage." A little reflexology added on to a massage is one thing, O'Han said, but an hour of reflexology is "a totally different experience."

    The reflexology bible

    Author Louise Keet presented in august 2008 at Godsfield Press Ltd. a new book about reflexolgy: "The Reflexology Bible"! The publisher asked reflexologist Louise Keet to write an ultimate guide to reflexology that would appeal to the general public as well as students who are studying reflexology.
    The book contains fascinating facts on how reflexology works, zone maps of the hands and feet, lifestyle suggestions on how to create a healthier and happier you, techniques for working the reflex points, reading the reflexes on the feet and hands, creating your own reflexology powder and foot baths to specifically help common ailments, advice on how to prepare for a reflexology session, concluding treatments and a step-by-step routine to treat the whole body.

    The first blind reflexoligst in Florida

    Massage and reflexology profession finds 'handy-capable' Hart County man. Massage therapist and reflexologist Todd Alewine works with a client, in his home. Alewine, who lost his sight when he was 25, graduated from Lake Lanier School of Massage in Gainesville, and is licensed as the first blind reflexologist in the state Florida.
    Todd Alewine holds onto a client's comfort by the fingertips as a massage therapist. His hands lead him to precise pressure points on a person's palm, fingers and feet, which he can only feel in the similar field of reflexology. Success, he measures with his ears.

    How your feet help you to heal

    Louise Keet, Principal of the London School of Reflexology and Britain's leading reflexology practitioner, gives a step-by-step guide to this natural therapy that stimulates the body to heal itself.
    Reflexology is a complementary therapy that is now available on the NHS. Although best administered by professionals, there are simple ways you can use this effective technique at home on members of your family - whatever their age.

    Elemis Quartz Lift Facial - reflexology & massage

    Turn back time with a line-fighting facial at Green Street House, Bath: step away from the Botox! In the fight against ageing, there's a needle-free option to help banish those tell-tale lines.
    Step away from the Botox! The Quartz Lift Facial is the latest treatment on the varied Green Street House menu. Incorporating gentle reflexology, facial massage and a glorious Indian head massage, the treatment lasts over an hour and takes place in the spa's zen-like treatment rooms.

    AUGUST 2008:

    From dispear to success in reflexology

    SMILING constantly, professional blind masseur Lee Sheng Chow paints a picture of serenity - something most would not expect from an aspiring engineering student who lost his sight at 21.
    "I suffered from Behcet's syndrome that caused internal bleeding of my retinas," he says. "My eyesight deteriorated, starting from 1976 and by 1985, I couldn't see at all." After training at the Gurney Training Centre (GTC), Lee started his own business. Today, his centre boasts a staff of 38 masseurs: "After struggling with depression, I decided to make up for lost time and started picking up various skills, even venturing into IT and handicraft. I also learnt massage," says Lee.

    These able folk

    The blind are rising to the challenge and acquiring new skills to build interesting careers as information technologists, masseurs and reflexologists.
    AS a boy, Khairul Ikhwan Lindang Abdullah, now 24, had lofty ambitions of making it big in life. However, this changed after he suffered from a detached retina problem in 2002. Khairul Ikhwan now uses a high density magnifying glass to check for errors when he uses his computer at the Gurney Training Centre (GTC), run by the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB). "I struggled to complete my Form Five after suffering from second degree blindness," he says. "I know my options are limited but I'm happy that I can still learn something and I can type faster than some people who have good vision."

    Women benefit from complementary therapies during childbirth

    WOMEN in Gloucestershire are going longer without epidurals and labours are shorter thanks to a scheme involving complementary therapies and massage during childbirth.
    Midwife Asha Dhany, a trained reflexologist and massage therapist who has led the initiative, said: "Feedback has been positive and it's working very well." Some women say it's just like going to a spa rather than being in a clinical environment.

    Relay raises money for cancer research

    Regina Brown of Monee, chairman of the 2008 relay, said this year she invited providers of supplementary health treatments, such as massage therapists and reflexology, to be part of the health pavilion tent.
    "We're showing different types of treatments that patients can use in conjunction with traditional medicine," Brown said. Renee Seibert of Homewood was offering reflexology treatments to participants. Seibert is the owner of Renee Marie's Healing, which specializes in reflexology, ear reflexology, yoga instruction and facials. She was giving Lambert Caldwell of Country Club Hills a relaxing ear reflexology treatment.

    Some swear by alternative medicine

    In a quiet office on North York Street, Ken Aldridge practices reflexology. The word may not be familiar to some, but practitioners say reflexology has been around for thousands of years.
    The business is called "His Touch Massage Therapy." Aldridge does the reflexology and his wife, Beth, does massage. A spiritual man, Aldridge said there's a reason his business card features a drawing of praying hands. "It is religious symbolism that represents His touch through us," he said. "My wife, Beth, came up with that name. It was a way to kind of put us in the background."

    Time to reflect

    Last week I received a memo on an official letterhead of the Office of the Premier. It was dated July 2 and sent by Human Resource and Office Support to the senior manager of the supply chain. All according to the procurement rules, it seems.
    The subject of this very official memo was "Request for a reflexologist". Signed by HR practitioner Nomonde Koyo, the memo reads: "This office requests a quote for reflex (sic) for 100 people that will take place on 29/07/08. The first quote must be for shoulder and back only, and the second one, the whole body." I was a bit confused by Koyo's memo. Although it started off by requesting a reflexologist, it also talks of a "quote for reflex", which made me wonder whether it meant that this was aimed as a reflection session for the outgoing Premier - by that time, she knew she was on her way.

    Ask Krissy: about reflexology

    Question: Dear Krissy, I have heard a lot about reflexology and am interested in it because I think I would benefit from massage. But I am not a fan of being touched. Do you think reflexology would be a good alternative to a full body massage?
    Answer: Reflexology is very popular! In your foot, there are many reflexology points that, when massaged, you are able to reach all parts of the body. Since you do not like your full body to be touched, you will be happy to know that you will receive the benefits of a full body massage every time you receive a reflexology treatment. So, I recommend you jump into this treatment feet first and enjoy!

    JULY 2008:

    JULY 29: ARTICLE -
    Beauty Glossary: Reflexology

    Some Western doctors believe that reflexology is nothing more than a relaxing foot massage, but it's a widespread practice across Asia, and much of Chinese Medicine (such as acupuncture and acupressure) is based on these 'lines of energy', in the body.
    The overall aim of reflexology, is to create balance in the body, by calming and detoxifying. This, in turn, eases stress levels and creates a feeling of deep relaxation. Expect to feel slightly space-out and very relaxed after a treatment. Also make sure to drink plenty of water, as you may develop a headache or lethargic feelings. These should soon pass, and you'll feel lighter, more refreshed and better aware of your body's physical and mental state.

    JULY 28: ARTICLE -
    Benefits of Reflexology

    The major benefits of reflexology are: stress reduction, improved circulation, stimulated nerve function, improved immune system, and increased enegy.
    Reflexology can assist in conditions related to: allergies, arthritis, asthma, back problems, blood pressure, bowel disorders, constipation, eczema, frozen shoulder, gynecological disorders, hay fever, insomnia, knee problems, multiple sclerosis, muscle tension, neck problems, PMS / hormonal problems, respiratory problems, sinusitis, stress disorders, and thyroid imbalance.

    JULY 25: ARTICLE -
    Reflexology means healing feet first

    Interview with reflexologist Rick Aselton:
    Question 6: Why do you like being a reflexologist? Answer: I love the effect it has on my clients. Oftentimes, they come in filled with tension and an ailment, and leave with a sense of deep peace and an improved condition. Many clients express that they don't just have a session, but that they had an experience. I love that.

    JULY 10: NEWS -
    Third Coast Reflexology Of Chicago

    The Third Coast Reflexology of Chicago is an integrative health approach that alleviates stress and pain and promotes wellness:
    Third Coast Reflexology Of Chicago is presented in collaboration with resurrection center for integrative medicine provides relief for signs and symptoms of stress. Nancy L. Cole, Chicago reflexologist trained and certified by the International Institute of Reflexology, has aligned her practice, Third Coast Reflexology, with the Resurrection Center for Integrative Medicine in Chicago + three other city and suburban locations.

    JULY 10: ARTICLE -
    Getting into reflexology

    Kevin Kunz explains how to get into reflexology:
    In a lot of interviews I am asked how I got into reflexology. The answer is quite simple really. I picked up a reflexology book off the bookstore shelf and tried it out. One thing led to another as I found people really wanted reflexology for not only their health problems but also the stress they faced. The rest is history. After over 30 years of practice, 11 books in 19 languages and countless extraordinary experiences with reflexology I often wonder where I would be if I hadn't picked up that book.

    Reflexology offers mental and physical health benefits for all ages

    Barbara-Ann MacEachern interviews reflexologist Kim Smith from Canada:
    Soft-spoken and welcoming, Ms Smith had me lie back in her surprisingly comfortable chair with my feet up, putting relaxing music on the CD player to enhance the mood. She began with one foot, and because the treatment tends to make people cold, she gave me a soft blanket for my body and wrapped the other foot in a towel. After a brief warm-up to get the circulation going, the actual reflexology treatment began.

    A loving touch for little babies

    Baby massage course at St Michael's Parish Centre in Gorey, Co Wexford:
    Baby and infant massage can help your baby with a range of problems, and can also help the bonding process. The pleasure of infant massage for both babies and parents is obvious, but there has been plenty of research into its measurable benefits.

    Therapist offers pain relief

    New reflexology facility in Connelsville:
    Certified massage and occupational therapist John Whalen has opened a new facility in Connellsville, which offers an array of services including: reflexology, trigger point therapy, and massages.

    JULY 8: NEWS -
    World record for Taiwan: 2000 happy feet for Taiwan

    New world record for Taiwan:
    About 1 000 Taiwanese will sit down for a foot massage in Taipei on Tuesday 8 july. The 1 000 participants will receive 40 minutes' of foot massage, or reflexology treatment, from 1 000 masseurs & reflexologists at the Taipei Arena Tuesday afternoon. If things go as planned, Taiwan will set a second Guinness World Record - the largest game of head, shoulders, knees and toes.

    'Little Masseurs' to pamper your tired feet
    'Micro massage' in Kuala Lumpur:
    The 'little masseurs' are housed in a aquarium-like pool. Not only a sight to behold, but you can try to dipp your tired feet among them and you will be treated to an instant 'micro-massage'.

    JULY 7: NEWS -
    Changes may put reflexologists out of work

    South African minister of health may change the 'therapeutic' legislation:
    The Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) has asked the minister of health to change legislation, which would implicate that the term "therapeutic" is removed from the names of the professions of aromatherapy, massage therapy and reflexology.

    Miss Malaysia loves foot reflexology

    Miss Malaysia Angelreena Lim knows how to relax:
    "I love a good foot and body massage. I recently visited a massage parlour in Hartamas, which offers good foot reflexology at a reasonable price. I usually crave massages when my feet are too tired due to too much walking and Latin dancing. It really helps me relax."

    Interactive hand map

    Reflexology hand & foot map:
    The interactive reflexology map was introduced by experienced reflexologist pioneers, Barbara & Kevin Kunz from Albuquerque, NM, United States. The map includes detailed step-by-step photographs. The map helps you to learn how to practice reflexology on yourself, a partner or friend. And you can even learn how to tackle specific common medical conditions, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, RSI or asthma.

    Reflexology workshop

    Research indicates that reflexology is beneficial for cancer patients:
    Reflexology is founded on the principle that the hands and feet contain a map of all the parts of the body. The stimulation of these reflex points decreases stress, improves circulation and reduces pain. Various studies have found that reflexology is beneficial for: breast and lung cancer patients, in terms of providing relief from pain, nausesa and anxiety.

    Reflexology - a step to better health

    Dorit Brauwer from Germany talks about reflexology:
    "I studied natural and noninvasive healing which originated in ancient China and Egypt. After graduating from the Mahut School of Complementary Medicine and Holism in Israel, I practiced meditation and reflexology in both Israel and Germany before moving to the U.S. in 1998. Reflexology offers a variety of benefits. It relieves muscle tension and balances emotions without the use of medications."