'How hands and feet approximate the body anatomy!'

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How to Discover the Key Elements in the Ear, Hand & Foot!

If you already know a little about reflexology and want to get started there are many useful reflexology charts available on the internet. They are usually printable reflexology charts, and sometimes availables in various formats (such as: word format).

What are the key elements in foot chart, hand chart, ear chart or other body part chart?

Some of the key elements in reflexology charts are:

• Specified key features.
• Reflex zones on the soles and sides of the feet represent the organs of the body.
• Detailed representation of the spine and the tissues + the organs and glands.
• Meridian points are used in the treatment of gait mechanism in applied kinesiology.
• The bones of the feet, hands and ears.
• 34 acupuncture points which are found on the feet along with indications for each point.
• Foot conditions affect the meridians + how they affect the meridians.

Your can order various quality reflexology charts e.g. a reflexology hand chart, reflexology foot chart & reflexology ear chart. All are available at: the Pacific Institute of Reflexology. Excellent tools to be use in a training course / class!

- Reflexology hand chart -

Reflexology hand chart.

- Reflexology foot chart -

Reflexology foot chart.

- Reflexology ear chart -

Reflexology ear chart.

Differences between the Reflexology Charts!?

A rather remarkable point is the fact that various schools in reflexology present various reflexology charts. But maybe this actually very understandable:

Only seventy years ago the medical anatomy charts were likewise very divergent in their organ location. If a surgeon then was asked about this contradiction he would point out that any of the charts might be the correct one, depending on the individual patient. Imagine a heart on the right side instead of the left? This deviation has occurred as have other organs within the abdominal cavity.

Eventually medical specialists got together in an effort to coordinate the human anatomy charts for the sake of their credibility. What was the result? Individual anatomy will still differ from the standardized charts and this observation is just an accepted reality among medical professionals. Likewise, if reflexology schools got together and made one standardized chart, there would always be exceptions to the rule of formal reflex point location. Therefore is seems wise to study all the reiterative charts in order to be aware of the various reflex point locations for each organ!

Openness in the mind of the reflexology practitioner is important: be aware of all the possible points for any given organ or body part. Hippocrates noticed many centuries ago:

"Disease is not an entity, but a fluctuating condition of the patients body, a battle between the substance of disease and the natural self-healing tendency of the body."


- Reflexology provides relief and relaxation! -

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