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An overview view of some hand reflexologists in various countries who have focussed a significant part of their expertise on hand reflexology:

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Lynne Booth [Bristol, UK] presents:
Vertical Reflex Therapy: combining hands & feet!

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Ann Hatchett [Essex, UK] presents:
Peaceful Feet Reflexology (incl. hand reflexology)

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Louise Keet [London, UK] presents:
Hand reflexology books by Louise Keet at Amazon.com

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Allison Walker [Stafforshire, UK] presents:
Top to Toe health: reflexology for ears, hands & feet

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Diana Foley [Austin - Texas, US] presents:
Healing Hands Reflexology (+ Koryo Hand Therapy)

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Sue Harrison [Portland - Oregon, US] presents:
Integrated Foot, Hand & Ear Reflexology

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Nancy Hines [Portland - Oregon, US] presents:
Reflexology in Portland: Hands, Feet & Ears

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Barbara Kunz & Kevin Kunz [Albuquerque - New Mexico, US] present:
Hand reflexology books by Barbara & Kevin Kunz at Amazon.com

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Rae Minten [Portland - Oregon, US] presents:
Namaste Rae: Integrated Foot Hand and Ear Reflexology

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Lila M. Mueller [Belgium - Wisconsin, US] presents:
Ray of Hope Reflexology presents: Korean hand reflex therapy

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Dr. Cariann Perretta [New York City, US] presents:
Wellness Center Hand Reflexologist

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Barbara Shea [Sunnyvale - California, US] presents:
Ingham Method Foot/Hand Reflexologist

Canada flag

Carolynn Sikorski [Strasbourg - SK, Canada] presents:
Hand Reflexology at Carolynn's Reflexology

Spain flag

Michelle Robert-Smith [Ibiza, Spain] presents:
Ibiza Reflexology: Ears, Hands & Feet

Belgium flag

Annemie Mestdagh [Melsele (Beveren), Belgium] presents:

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Angie van der Lee [Veghel, The Netherlands] presents:
Hand- en Voetreflexologie

Some people may consider reflex zone therapy to represent a new practice but, in fact, hand- and foot zone reflex therapy have both been used as part of medical care as early as the ancient Egyptian- & Chinese civilisations. Actually, despite it's lower popularity, hand zone therapy is build on similar theories and techniques that are recognized to represent the foundation of foot zone therapy.

According modern science hands can be recognized to represent the most differentiated human body part. Hand zone reflex therapy involves the physical act of applying pressure (via reflex- or acupressure points) to the hands with specific thumb, finger or full hand massage techniques (without use of oil or lotion).

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